The History of TURMIX

Inspired by a cocktail blender, the entrepreneur, pioneer, and inventor Traugott Oertli developed his first domestic blender, the TURMIX Original, in 1943, heralding the birth of a quality Swiss brand.

Company founder Traugott Oertli was inspired by the idea of making life easier in the kitchen. Following his masterstroke with the legendary TURMIX Original, he developed blenders, centrifugal juicers, deep fat fryers, infrared grills, and many other innovative kitchen and domestic appliances. Over the decades, TURMIX became a byword for all manner of high-quality kitchen aids. The first espresso machines in Switzerland were made by TURMIX, as was the first Nespresso® machine, which launched a new age of enjoying premium coffee. The spirit of the company’s founder Traugott Oertli lives on in the TURMIX brand. Ever since it was founded, the company has stood for durability, reliability, and practicality. 

In short, for first-class Swiss quality.

The new, latest TURMIX Platinum line revisits the virtues of the past.
The focus is back on in-house appliance development, with a facility in Toggenburg guaranteeing that these TURMIX products are Swiss made.


Traugott Oertli establishes the company Techag AG, later to become TURMIX Ltd, in Zurich (TURMIX from the French “tourner”, to turn, and “mix”).


the company founder invents the TURMIX Original blender.


the innovative TURMIX curved blade is patented in several countries.


Techag AG launches an innovative centrifugal juicer.


The original company Techag AG becomes TURMIX Ltd.


TURMIX moves its production for the South American market to Mexico. To this day, TURMIX Mexico continues to produce the centrifugal fruit juicers and infrared grills from this period on the original Bühler machines.


TURMIX launches the hand blender TURMIX Combi, which is well received around the world.


TURMIX ushers in a new coffee culture with the TX 10 espresso machine.


TURMIX launches the first Nespresso® machine.


Market launch of the TURMIX Platinum line.
The TURMIX Platinum line takes TURMIX back its roots and revisits the skills of the past.
Not only designed in Switzerland, but also manufactured at a site in the Swiss region of Toggenburg, the Platinum line stands for precision, stability, and reliability.


exclusive partnership with the high-quality brand Bork
 for distribution in Russia.