Attractive Kitchen Appliances
in a Sophisticated Swiss Design

"TURMIX kitchen appliances offer first-class Swiss quality combined with decades of experience and innovation."

For over 80 years, TURMIX has worked to unite ingenuity with top quality.

TURMIX kitchen appliances are designed on the basis of ergonomic principles, very comfortable to use, and extremely quiet.

Technical perfection, skilled craftsmanship, and a feel for the aesthetic combined with sophisticated engineering, first-class materials, and maximum precision in manufacture make each product the best in its class in every aspect.

TURMIX embodies the Swiss understanding of value that stands for quality and sustainability.”

We live by the principles of trustworthiness, honesty, stability, reliability, and efficiency, and have done so ever since the company was founded in 1933.

TURMIX does not produce kitchen appliances – it offers solutions that make life easier in the kitchen.”

Today’s products respect the tradition of the brand: created by a Swiss designer, developed by Swiss engineers, and produced in Switzerland.
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“Ever since it was founded, TURMIX has stood for durability, reliability, and practicality.”